Electrical power quality analysis and power data logging

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    Giving clarity to your electrical consumption

    Rising energy costs and network conformity are increasing important in modern business. It’s often not what you use it’s how you use it. With modern data collection and analysis we can drill down into your power usage. When it comes to energy efficiency think of your consumption as a pint of beer. “How much beer are you actually getting and how much is the head on top ?” We can answer this question.
    Electrical data logging is a useful tool for understanding your consumption and capacity. We can answer many questions which often require an answer for projects like

    • Solar PV
    • Battery storage
    • EV charge point installations
    • Out of hours energy usage

    Services offered

    • Power quality analysis
    • Full load studies
    • Harmonic assessment
    • Voltage capture and analysis
    • Power factor analysis

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